Living in a Powder Keg and Giving Off Sparks

Hubs finally got a Playstation 3 last weekend. I say finally because before we started dating, the man had aspirations of getting a PS3. Three years ago he bought his entertainment center specifically so it could eventually house the PS3. But all the fun in shopping for Hubs is spending years looking for the best deal and agonizing over whether the price will drop or a new version will be released and so he waited and waited and waited. Well, the wait was over last weekend when he decided that there wasn’t going to be a better deal before Christmas time and his desire to play Lego Indiana Jones and Assassin’s Creed outweighed the need to wait for another price drop. He came home on Sunday night with both the PS3 and the Indiana Jones game.

So of course, I ran out the next day and bought SingStar.

For those of you who are not familiar with the goodness that is SingStar, it’s essentially a karaoke video game. You sing along with the song and score points for timing and pitch. All the while, the music video plays in the background. The game is so friggin’ addictive that we already have SingStar 80s, SingStar Rocks, and SingStar Pop for the PS2 and SingStar for the PS3. We need help, people.

But by and large, the most fun thing about SingStar is the WTF?! factor of some of the lyrics and videos. To that end, I submit Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” video. Now, keep in mind that I came from a household that did not have MTV until the 90s. The only videos that I got to see were the ones that eventually made it onto NBC’s Friday Night Videos and I’m pretty sure I never saw that one because when we played the Bonnie Tyler song, I lost 2000 points simply because I could not stop laughing. Ninjas, high school swimmers and some freaky angel looking guy… this video has it all.


P.S. My utmost respect to whomever can tell me what that video is supposed to be about.

4 thoughts on “Living in a Powder Keg and Giving Off Sparks

  1. I wish I could say that I loved the video for its cheese factor when it originally aired, but I’d be lying. Come on, I was what, nine? As to what the video’s about, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that basically, it’s all about the singer’s repressed erotic desire for the students at a boys’ private school.

    This song, incidentally, is a creation of Jim Steinman, who was also responsible for the Sisters of Mercy opus “This Corrosion”. You totally have to watch the video for that too. It’s so self-consciously industro-goth that you almost suspect it of being a parody.

    (BTW, if SingStar has any David Bowie available, I am so there.)


  2. (By the way, in case you’re wondering, penknife = Karin. Although maybe the Sisters of Mercy reference and the Bowie thing were a tipoff.)


  3. I didn’t realize the Jim Steinman connection to this video until last night, but I wasn’t surprised. Steinman is responsible for my love of Meatloaf, which I now realize, was probably a direct result of listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart endlessly as a child.

    As for Bowie, the PS3 Singstar has “Let’s Dance” (which was really hard for me to sing). “Heroes” and “Life on Mars?” are available from the SingStar store. I’m a bit disappointed by the selection, but I hope there will be more to come.


  4. LIFE ON MARS. My number one favorite Bowie song of all time. 😀

    “Let’s Dance” just isn’t all that singable, particularly for girls — it’s rather in his lower register, as I recall. “Heroes” might be a little more accessible, although man, it’s kind of long too.


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