The Freshman Fifteen

I am fifteen again today. Seriously. I have regressed into a slouchy, pimply-faced adolescent all because of a box of books. And I am loving it.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Sweet Valley High books are being updated. Now, the Sweet Valley High books didn’t do much for me. My high school experience did not involve being pursued by beautiful boys and wondering if I would get a Fiat for my birthday. I was home more Friday nights than not and so I couldn’t really relate to the Wakefield twins and their glamorous lives.

My teen series of choice were the Freshman Dorm books by Linda A. Cooney (or the several writers that were Linda A. Cooney). The series has the usual soap-operatic dramas (will Faith stay with her high school boyfriend or find a new love? What secret is party girl Winnie keeping from her friends?) but was also based in a down-to-earth view of college life. Or so I thought at the time.

When I heard about the reissue of the Sweet Valley books, I got a pang for my own brain candy and two weeks and a couple of eBay searches later and the Freshman 15 was at my doorstep – the first fifteen books of the Freshman Dorm series.

Ah the memories… I was totally enamored with college life when I read these. The U of S campus seemed so glamorous. There was a lake on the campus! There was an artsy dorm and a jock dorm! People fit so neatly into their categories (with the exception of Melissa, Winnie’s jock roommate, who accidentally gets placed in the party dorm — oooh drama!). People even dressed according to their major. KC, the finance major, is always in a blazer and knee-length skirt.. Kimberly the dance major makes her first appearance in (wait for it. . .) a leotard and tights!

I spent this weekend reading the first of the series and giggling with glee over all the drama that ensues during the first week of college. Forget the Sweet Valley High and the Gossip Girls, this is a series that needs to be brought back. The books ahead promise secrets! lies! betrayal! flames! weddings! more betrayal! Okay, so realistic it is not, but the reading is such fun brain candy.

If there’s anyone out there in the blogisphere who knows of a planned Freshman Dorm comeback, I am your Linda A Cooney.

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