‘Fess Up Friday

It’s been a busy week. Actually, it’s still a busy week and I’m writing this in between my volunteer gig and making a mad dash to an afternoon happy hour (priorities, people!) and I don’t even have the time to come up with a sub-title for today’s ‘fess up.

Revision continued this week. I noticed today when I checked my to-do list that I’d anticipated editing up to chapter 10 this week. Ha. Hahahaha. How does that saying go? I love deadlines. I love the noise they make as they go flying by? I didn’t make it to chapter 10 this week and considering that the revision project is a total of 17 chapters, I think I was setting my expectations a little high thinking I’d be done with it in a week.

Actually, I got through chapter five this week. That sounds way more impressive than it actually is since the first five chapters are pretty darn finished. They still need polishing, of course, but I’ve yet to encounter any place within those chapters that is obviously missing a scene or something.

Which brings me to chapter six, which is obviously missing a scene. Ugh. There’s definitely something missing just after the ending of chapter five and the beginning of chapter six just isn’t cutting it. So I spent a good deal of this week trying to figure out what will go there. And of course, patching a hole in a manuscript is not like patching a hole in a pair of jeans. You can’t just cover it up and then have it be “fixed.” If you do it that way, it will always stand out. (Hm… maybe it is like patching a pair of jeans.) No, changing chapter six is going to change everything after that. I’m practically sewing a new pair of jeans.

Or, I’m just being overdramatic.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’re sick of me telling you, NaNoWriMo starts next week. I have no idea what to expect yet when it comes to blog posting, but I’m pretty sure you won’t hear from me again until mid-week at the earliest. Good luck to my fellow NaNo’ers! I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

Now for the fun stuff.


  • Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron
  • Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande
  • Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Nothing. Hubs and I have been playing Rock Band 3 pretty much non-stop. We are awesomely nerdy.

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