Fess Up Friday: Week Two

As of this blog post I have 20,508 words toward my NaNoWriMo draft.

Not shabby, but as I told a friend over wine and pizza last night, it’s sort of lost it’s thrill. The first year, every round number was a milestone – 5,000 (longer than the short stories I used to write), 10,000… by 20,000 I was practically doing handstands. This year it’s a little harder to get excited about. For one thing, I need to be more ahead than I am. I’m roughly 500 words ahead of schedule. If feel like I need at least three days worth of words if I’m going to get through holiday travel. Blargh.

For another thing, I’m officially past the shiny new beginning and into the doldrums of the middle. I’ve lost my sight for what’s going to happen next. I’ve lost my enthusiasm.  In short, and to borrow from John Green’s pep talk, I’m drinking from a giant bowl of suck.

I so need Jillian Michaels right now.

Anyway, not much else to report. Even my reading and viewing habits have fallen by the wayside. I haven’t read anything this week, but I did re-watch the first season of Slings & Arrows, which if you haven’t seen, you should. So funny. So like theater life. Also, makes me fall so much in love with Hamlet. Seriously. Consider it writerly research and check it out.

Happy Writing.

3 thoughts on “Fess Up Friday: Week Two

  1. I wish I could have shared your wine and pizza. We could have discussed the giant bowl of suck. And I’m so far behind now, I don’t think there’s a prayer of finishing. I keep telling myself it’s not the 50,000 that’s important, it’s the regular writing schedule, and that every word gets me closer to my goal. Sometimes I’m pretty convincing.
    ; )


    • You. Me. Next week. Virtual pizza and wine. We will face down this bowl of suck together.

      I totally need to focus more on the daily writing habit aspect of the challenge instead of the word count. That seems like a far better reward than a bowl of suck.


  2. I know where you’re coming from. I’m jumping all over the place this year but I definitely remember drinking from a huge bowl of suck in the middle last year. I’ve no doubt I’ll get my 50,000 words done, just when is the thing. Last year I wasn’t blogging so much, ha ha..:)


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