Women writers, sexism, and something that shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it is.

I posted a couple of links over on my Facebook account earlier, but then realized that they probably deserved a blog post,  especially since the two of you that read this here blog regularly probably care more about writing issues than all my Facebook friends combined.

Thing #1: Dan Harmon on hiring women writers

For those unfamiliar with Dan Harmon, he’s the showrunner for Community. I’m convinced Community is one of the funniest, most intelligent sitcoms on television and Harmon is one wickedly smart dude, as evidenced by his epic 4-part AV interview. The above link comes from today’s installment and I’m just going to quote from it here, because it’s awesome.

The energy is different. It doesn’t keep anybody polite. We’re not doffing our caps or standing up when they enter the room. They do more dick jokes than anybody, because they’ve had to survive, they have to prove, coming in the door, that they’re not dainty. That’s not fair, but women writers, they acquire the muscle of going blue fast because they have to counter the stigma. I don’t have enough control groups to compare it to, but there’s just something nice about feeling like your writers’ room represents your ensemble a little more accurately, represents the way the world turns.

A-men. That thing that he says in the last sentence? About half the world being women and, you know, maybe that should be a little bit better represented? That idea touches on the thing that makes me so grouchy whenever another ‘Best Of’ fiction list makes it into whatever paper or website and there are 19 male authors and one female one. Or two. Sometimes there are two, just so the list collaborators can pat themselves on the back about how diverse their list is. Okay, now I’m just being ornery. Let’s move on.

Thing #2: The Magical Vulva of Opportunity

This one was recommended by a friend that saw Thing #1 and told me I needed to read Thing #2. I’m so glad she did because I have never actually experienced the sensation of laughing while also going into blind rage. I am bookmarking this to show to the next person (usually a man) who tells me that we don’t need that crazy feminism thing because sexism is so outdated. At the risk of going into more of a rage, I will cease that rant here.

Except to say:

Thing #3: All this talk has reminded me of the of the dude who once told me, “The thing with women writers is that they’re either really talented or really hot.” *

. . .

. . .

Okay then. Glad we have that sexism thing under control.

Come to think of it, I never did find out which I was/am.

And if you’ve made it this far, through my rants you deserve to end on better than what some jerkwad once told me. So here you go. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow lit nerds, your moment of squee:

Thing #4: Daisy’s Lullaby (The Great Gatsby Rap)

Thanks for bearing with me.

*Yes, he was serious.

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