Coming soon: SDCC 2014

San Diego's Gaslamp District during SDCC

San Diego’s Gaslamp District during SDCC

Judging by the questions I get asked when I announce I’m going to San Diego Comic Con (no, I do not dress up), the greater public seems to think it’s all about costumes and blockbuster movies and celebrity spotting.

Yes, I’ve spent a large portion of time in the line to preview Marvel’s new movies in Hall H and possibly even more time stalking Nathan Fillion (harmlessly, of course!), but there’s so much more to Comic Con, particularly for readers and writers. Here’s a sampling of what I’m hoping to attend next week:

  • Wonderbook: Writers on Creativity and Inspiration
  • Beyond Cliches: Creating Awesome Female Characters for Film, TV, Video Games, and Novels
  • Diversity in Genre Lit
  • Publishing 360: Building a Bestseller
  • Fictionalized Nonfiction: The Art of Combining Fact and Fiction
  • Publishing preview panels with Penguin and Simon & Schuster

I’ll be taking notes and will try to recap most of the writing content here, but I make no promises. If there is one truth to the SDCC perception, it’s that it is a chaotic mess. But you can still follow along. Here’s where I’ll be posting:

I’m part of Team NerdProm on tumblr, where we post photos, recaps, and out-of-context panel quotes. On Twitter, we’re using the hashtag #omnomsdcc.

Over on Instagram I’ll be replacing cat pictures with costumes, toys, and other interesting stuff for the duration of SDCC. (Username: chicklit)

My friend Karin Kross will be blogging the experience at Her articles and recaps are excellent. Check them out.

Please follow along with the madness and I’ll try to keep it interesting for ya!


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